Does taking online classes from ideas sharing app Pinterest makes sense to you?

Yes, you read it right! Pinterest is now enrolling into online events. Unbelievable! isn’t it? Pinterest will be able to do so by collaborating with a video-meeting app Zoom.

Jane Manchun Wong who is a reverse engineer was successful in finding details about the app by just looking at its code on Tuesday.

A new feature has been tested by the company that is effective by allowing users to sign up for Zoom classes on Pinterest. Now, rather than using Zoom, the meeting initiator will be able to use Pinterest’s class boards for providing notes, slides, or any other type of material on screen. Additionally, just like zoom, the host can also avail the opportunity of group chatting with the audience. Not revealing further about its plans; the company stayed limited by informing that this testing of feature is part of their app expansion.

The user straightforwardly needs to click on the “book” option to sign up for attending an online meeting on Pinterest. It then sends them a confirmation email with the meeting details. Either to copy the link to join a session or to download Zoom- other buttons will guide its users.

For having some idea about how this updated feature works; ‘‘demo’’ profiles such as ‘‘@pinzoom123’’ or “@pinsmeditation” can be directly viewed. By viewing their profiles you can now go through their listed class communities. Nonetheless, Wong has reported that because the feature is not yet released, you will find the communities empty once you click them.

If the company proved to be fortunate in launching its updated feature in public, dedicated sections will be included in the communities. It would allow the meeting organizers to share notes, files, photos, slabs, or any kind of inspiration from Pinterest. Communities will further assist its users to provide an overview to the audience of what has been taught in the class, provide links to the related shops, use group chat feature, and much more.

The company was able to detect and save global searches about Pinterest which were more than ever before. This additionally helped the company to know that it has recently become an inspirational tool for getting unlimited ideas about teaching, content providing, and much more. The company further observed that teachers have recently begun to teach the pupil through Pinterest for better experience and ease of sharing resources on screen. As a result, this app has gained 442 million global monthly active users which makes them expect more new exciting features; now and then coming their way.

There are high expectations and hopes from the Company to gain ground in the market by furtherer introducing mesmerizing updates to their photo-sharing app.

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