Now you can try virtual makeup by using Google Search's new AR-based shopping feature

Google-owned YouTube has already the same option to try on ads. Now Google has taken a further step to grab more customers. The main problem of customers in online shopping is people want to try on a product before they buy it, which makes online shopping less interesting for people. But now Google has the solution to this problem. Especially, this option is applied to makeup products for girls. They can choose whatever the product they want, and they can try different colours of lipsticks and other products, etc before they buy it. This will make online shopping more interesting and exciting than ever before.

Through this new augmented reality (AR) feature of Google shopping, different beauty brands can offer realistic, virtual product samples that will work on a full range of skin tones. People may understand this new feature if they used popular apps like Instagram or Snapchat in which you can change up your appearance by doing virtual makeup. For instance, different colours and shades of lipsticks or eyeshadows. You can try on this cosmetic experience on Google search.

So far, Google has built up a partnership with these renowned cosmetics brands like L’Oréal, Estee Lauder, MAC cosmetic, Black Opal, and Charlotte Tilbury. So now, you can experience different lipsticks and other products of these brands, what exciting are you do not need to pay for try-on these products. This feature was launched to help customers to get the right product which they want without wasting time and money.

This new try-on feature has recently been launched in the US. So, this is a piece of great news for US customers. Besides this Google has added a new recommendation of professionals to assist your buying decisions. Sometimes, it is necessary to take the recommendation of experts on how this product works for other people. this recommendation of an expert could get you more attracted towards a specific product. However, suggestions and recommendations from friends are also very influential in buying decisions. This will take Google shopping to a new level.

You do not need to go to the brands’ outlets and then try on different products. Wherever you are simply taking out your phone from your pocket, browse Google shopping, and scroll through the discover feed in the Google app. You get the expert’s advice and recommendation. Connecting people to brands to make sales is the main aim of Google. Therefore, Google is trying to broaden it’s online advertising business.

Google said that this AR-based feature is launched in the US today.

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