How To Recover Files With Free Data Recovery Software

It can be very frustrating losing files that are very important. The worst part is that most data recovery softwares on the internet doesn't come cheap. Some can cost you around $50 or more which is quite expensive. This has discouraged lots of people from attempting to recover their lost files.

What if there is a better way of recovering your files without having to purchase any of those expensive data recovery tools? Do you know it is possible to recover files without paying a single dime? There is no need racking your brains to find out how such can happen. This post will be revealing how to get back your lost files using free data recovery software.

Here is the secret

There is something most people don’t know when it comes to using free data recovery software. They usually believe that these applications are not effective because they are free. The truth is that most free data recovery applications on the internet are as good as their paid counterparts. They have got some really impressive features. For instance, they can do video recovery, photo, music, and other forms of recovery.

This post will be focusing on a powerful software known as EaseUS. This tool is very successful when it comes to recovering different types of files in your device. It may have a paid version but the free version can help meet your needs. With EaseUS, it doesn’t really matter the kind of file you want recovered from your device. Such will be done quickly and without hassle.

Features of EaseUS

Before delving into how you can use this software for free in recovering your lost files, below are some of its features.
  • Can recover from different data loss scenarios. These could be partition recovery, lost data recovery (deleted data or emptied recycle bin), formatted file recovery, storage media recovery, emergency data recovery and more.
  • Any kind of file can be easily recovered. Such could be photos, documents, audio and video recovery
  • Its tag feature allows you to easily locate wanted files without stress
  • Files are recovered very fast. For instance, it is possible to recover files as the process is on-going. There is no need waiting until the scan process is completed
  • Deep and advanced scanning algorithms
  • It can help to repair files.
  • Files can be previewed before being recovered
  • Compatible with windows laptop and other devices
  • And many others
Based on the above features, it is safe to conclude that the free version of EaseUS can help to meet all of your data recovery needs without any compromise.

How to recover your lost files with EaseUS

Now that you have understood the top features of EaseUS, it is high time you learnt more about how to use them in recovering your lost data.

Step 1: Downloading and installing

This is the first step you will need to take in order to start using this free data recovery software. Ensure to download and install it on your device. After that, open the software.

Step 2: Selection of location

After the software has been launched, select the location where such data or file is missing from. For instance, if the data was stored in ‘my documents” before you lost it, select such location. Now, begin to scan.
From the above picture, you will see there are lots of locations being specified or shown by EaseUS. Just choose any one that the lost data got missing from and hit the “Scan” button.

Step 3: Scanning your system or device

EaseUS has two types of scanning processes. The first one is an initial scan which can help to bring out all the lost data you are searching for in such a system. After that, another automatic scan will commence. This will search all the specified locations to bring about lost files and data that was not found during the initial scan.

Tip: Please ensure to make use of the filter feature. This will enable you to identify lost files easily after the scanning is complete. It saves you time of having to go through each file one after the other.

Step 4: Recovering of files

It is possible for files to be previewed before finally recovered. Once you have done such, just click on “Recover” and your lost files will be fully restored to such device.

Please note that in the case of raw recovery, files usually will not have their names. This means you will have to search for them one after the other. In other words, the original names of raw files will not be retained after being recovered.

Final words

From the above, it can be seen that EaseUS is a perfect free data recovery software with premium features. It is also effective for audio, document, photo and video recovery.
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