Instagram says that 1 million memes are shared on its social network daily

On 10th December 2020, the company posted a blog and said that memes are what brought us closer this year. The company also informed that 1 million users share memes on Instagram daily. Thanks to meme-makers: who spread waves of laughter and were the cause of smiles on our faces- it was much needed in the time of pandemic; where all of us were frustrated and fed-up of living at home. Some considered sharing the memes with their loved ones, while others left them on seen; with this thought in mind that memes are still keeping us together in this period of the pandemic.

Before we start living next year; we should have a look at our progress of this year; of what memories we made and which memes were trending for making us give a wide-teethed smile.

Instagram shared 5 memes in the post and said that they remained its most favorites - all over the year. The company posted the first meme by Dolly Parton which is their favorite ‘5 to 9’ heroine. After the days past her 74th birthday; she posted a picture which was a mixture of 4 of her photographs in different attires and variant poses. They were her different looks on different social media accounts which said that she is a woman for whom this all is possible. She posted it as a meme to let all her followers enjoy the year of never-ending challenges.

The second meme which was posted by the company was from the account named ‘world star’. It indicated that whenever you opened Instagram, 99 percent of folks were observed conducting live sessions. By doing something you rarely did before the pandemic started- this was another way of keeping yourself busy and away from depression. The pandemic failed to stop celebrities create pop-culture content and laughable memes for the fans- said Instagram. It mentioned some of the accounts as an example: @drunkstrology, @sainthoax, @cthagof, @bennydrama, @theshaderoom.

The Meme creators weren’t unaware of election week; held in November. The company was found to enjoy the elections as it was a trip- just because of the memes these accounts created @chnge,,@jfirstaman, @whitepeoplehumor, @complex, and @berniesanders.

Instagram was proud to announce that the world wasn’t just stuck to sarcasm and meme material. It mentioned that the platform was also positively used to educate individuals- when needed. An example of this is when the ‘Black lives matter’ phrase was trending and revolving all over the internet. The company credited some creators for building hope for a positive future and teaching others to fight for positivity. A huge round of applause for @intersectionalenviromentalist, @shityoushouldcareabout, @theconsiouskid, and lastly; @soyouwanttotalkabout.

The organization concluded by saying that this year- which was considered to be the worst of all unexpectedly turned out amazing; just because of memes. We are expecting to see more fresh meme content with the fresh start of a new year.

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