Microsoft and Google are working together to enhance the dark mode of Chrome on Windows 10

A few months back, Google made an update in which the background theme goes from white to black. The black background gives a chic look and users appreciated this update.

When you are web surfing at night, the darker mode of Windows 10 and Microsoft offers a pleasant change that you will enjoy. Previously, the dark mode update was just for the top-level User Interface of the browser. But it was working smoothly and also complements Windows 10 theme.

In a recent development, Google and Microsoft are planning to release a new update for Chrome on Windows 10 and macOS. They worked on bringing back that popular darker theme but this time, every corner of the web surfing sites will be of darker color.

This update will be implemented on every tiny detail including scrollbars as well.

In the last update, only the User Interface page appeared darker, the remaining scrollbars and other tools still appear in their normal color. With this latest update, there is a feature of “FormControlsDarkMode” which helps webpages to control the color theme of scrollbars. Whether they will follow the dark mode or remains light.

Google revealed this new update will allow the webpage User Interfaces to completely follow the dark theme mode. It is already available for Chrome Canary to utilize. If you want to give it a try, you can get access by adding a code given below to the command line.



Google makes sure that all the internal pages of the browser will respect the darker theme in which the scrollbar is the main concern. All the pages including settings, bookmarks, a history page, a new tab page, and a PDF printing screen will be appeared darker in this latest version of the update.

YouTube still won’t be able to get this dark-themed scrollbar. Chrome engineers are already planning to work with YouTube to make it possible on Windows 10.

According to what we have said earlier, along with Google, Microsoft is also working on this project to enhance the dark theme mode for Chrome. For example, even when the Windows 10 theme preference is updated, there was still a problem with the scrollbar on the page. They fixed the problem of scrollbars retaining their old color.

Although the latest design is scheduled to go live with Chrome 88 next year, but before it is available to the Stable channel, some changes might occur. It seems Google is also planning to work on another new feature in which the search result bar will go darker when the browser is in dark mode. Plus, Microsoft, in a new project made some enhancements in scrolling that will be delivered to Google in the coming year.
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