Amazon, Apple, Google or Microsoft - Who Has the Most Successful App Store?

If you want to download an app, chances are that you would go for one of two options. Either you would opt for the Google Play Store or you might opt for the Apple App Store. This depends on what phone you have, but if we take brand loyalty out of the equation and judge the app stores based on their own merits, which one comes out on top?

Well, the Google Play Store definitely wins if you take into account the number of apps. The Play Store has just under 2.9 million apps which is a lot more than the 1.9 million apps that the Apple App Store has to offer. However, just looking at the number of apps doesn’t tell the whole picture. The amount of money each app store generates matters a lot as well. Even though Apple might have far fewer apps than the Play Store, people generally spend more money on the Apple App Store by a large margin.

The App Store earned a massive 19 billion dollars in the third quarter of 2020 alone. The Play Store, one the other hand, only managed to earn about 10 billion or so. This is still an impressive number but it clearly indicates that Google doesn’t monetize its apps as effectively as Apple does. Doing more with less is a clear sign of superiority, at least in some respects.

Also, as strange as it may sound, these aren’t the only two app stores in the world. Amazon has a reasonably successful app store as well, offering about 450,000 apps that are made for Android operating systems. Tencent is a notable player in this game as well. The Chinese tech company has upwards of 100,000 Android apps on its own store. These stores are growing in size, so the dominance of Apple and Google might soon be challenged.

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