Google Chat will soon automatically include classic Hangout group conversations

Pandemic 2020 has made us do a lot; which we never thought of doing our entire lives. Much of the countries are still observing lockdown: Schools are closed, working from home routines are developed and business conferences are being held on video meetings. Video calls are not just limited to work: people spending their lives in self-isolation are left with no other choice to connect with their friends and relatives through video conversations.

In March; Thomas Kurian who is a cloud chief at Google informed the audience by writing in a blog post that since January, people have daily started using Google’s tool: Hangout. He further said that the people have started using it 25 percent more than they were using in January. Additionally, 60 percent of the growth in daily usage was observed.

While Google has already informed about the new features it is going to bring in this app which would be effective from next year. However, some of the features would be available from the 3rd of December. Until all the updates become fully available in 2021; Google is keeping its customers updated with all the necessary information - before time.

3 of the updated features would be available on Hangout from 3rd December 2020. Google has announced that one of them which would be available from next week is the automatic appearance of conversations held in Hangouts at Google chat. Furthermore, like other social media apps such as Messenger and Instagram you can also view your chat history now.

Classic Hangout is where you can chat with a maximum of 150 individuals and can include from 10 to 25 people in a video call.

After the 3rd December, you will see an update in group conversations which would include a notification of the addition of a new group member to all the other previously added individuals. The new member would be lucky enough to read all other previous conversations that were held in his presence.

To add more, to start a new conversation you only need to select the option of “start a new chat” which can be found in the menu of conversation-related settings. Also, all the previously held chats would automatically be transferred to Google chat.

The third and the last update is Google’s “Vault retention policy”. Google said that it would work on existing chat rooms and updates messages.

Unluckily, the new workspace at Google is only available for business customers and the rest of us will have to wait for it till the upcoming year; 2021.

According to Google’s official blog post, all the three changes will take about 15 days after 3rd December to be fully available to all its users.

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