The Best Android Apps of 2020 According to the Google Play Store

Apps are a big part of how we interact with the world and get a variety of things done, but with all of that having been said and now out of the way it is important to note that new apps come out every year. Because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up supplanting top apps in lists that are made on an annual basis, it’s important to pause and look at new apps that may have been released over the course of the year, especially with this rather unique year finally starting to draw to a close.

Google Play has made a list of the best Android apps released in 2020. According to this list, the best app that was released in 2020 was Loona, and app that offered a fresh take on bedtime stories and the like. The app is basically meant to help you get to sleep at night, and it is uniquely suited to allowing kids to get a sounder sleep as well. With the lockdowns forcing so many people to be stuck at home for extended periods of time, it’s started to become difficult for a lot of people to deal with bedtime on a regular basis. This app has therefore proven to be even more useful when you look at it in this context.

Google also listed top apps from five separate categories. The first category had to do with Daily Essentials. The top apps in this category were Calmaria, Grid Diary, The Pattern, Whisk and Zoom Cloud Meetings. There’s clearly an emphasis that has been placed on apps meant for productivity improvements and the like, and it’s easy to see why this is the case. The pandemic has made it difficult for people to get things done with them working from home, so these apps became even moer important in the current climate. Whisk is also a unique app in that it helps make cooking easier, and another impact that the lockdown had was that it made it even more necessary for people to cook their meals on a regular basis.

The next list concerned Personal Growth. The top apps in this category were Centr, Intellect, Jumprope, Paired and Speekoo. The amount of free time that people now had due to the lockdown made it important for them to pick up hobbies and learn new skills, and these apps helped them do that. Paired is an exception; it’s a dating app that had a unique approach to this sort of thing.

An interesting category that got a best of list this year was “Hidden Gems”. This category featured apps like Cappucino, Explorest, Paperless Post and Tayasui Sketches. These apps might have flown under your radar and they fulfill a variety of functions so you should definitely try checking them out.

Google also mentioned the best game of the past year. The game that received this honor turned out to be Genshin Impact, and open world game that really changed the way people thought about mobile games in general. The thing that made this game so important had to do with how it pushed the boundaries of what mobile games could actually be. It’s not easy to create a mobile game that emulates the scale of console based games, so the fact that this game managed to be so versatile and diverse while also being really engaging and exciting by showing you the kinds of potential mobile games actually have at this current point in time. More games like this need to be made so that gamers and other users can be made aware of how far mobile games have come and how much further they are probably going to end up going in the future.

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