LinkedIn finally starts playing with Ads in Stories

Back in September, LinkedIn launched stories on its platforms similar to Instagram. After which they came up with sponsoring ads in their stories.

LinkedIn recently reported that it's testing story ads. Specific advertising brands will be picked within closed beta to share ads on stories with all members worldwide. By putting videos and image ads, the brand will get a chance to grow its audience within the community of 722M members of LinkedIn. Already, 600 advertising campaigns are running on the stories with positive feedback in terms of taps, views, and cost stats.”

With the idea of LinkedIn stories ads, advertisers will be able to reach their target audience by using LinkedIn’s variety of ad targeted tools. Brands can use either full-screen videos or image ads to focus on their audience.

Despite the overwhelmingly positive response generated by stories still, no data has been revealed by LinkedIn related to story usage. Yet stories are increasing the engagement of users and it triggered a variety of topics to discuss on the platform.

But the positive response does not alone matter, what matters is the stats which is not provided to advertising agencies. It is important for advertisers to know how people are responding to their products. What are the engagement statistics? When a brand introduces any new product, they do not know the success metrics as LinkedIn did not provide the overall performance rates to the brand campaign.

It seems like LinkedIn is hiding its ad campaign success by providing an overall user number in the comments. It’s been so long that LinkedIn is avoiding disclosing its daily active user number. However, with this ad update, it is the right of the advertiser to know everything about its product rise. But nobody knows why LinkedIn is not revealing user data.

It shows that maybe LinkedIn story success is not going great otherwise they would happily announce the user data. If that is the case, advertisers will not be working for LinkedIn story ads whenever they become accessible. LinkedIn states that once story ads available, it will include comparative metrics for Stories Advertising success. Somehow this does not look like a great launch strategy.

LinkedIn further states that they are already working with a beta group of advertisers and soon it will be available with other advertisers widely.

Photo: Shutterstock / wichayada suwanachun

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