LinkedIn brings new Company Page positions for more management options

In this week’s update, LinkedIn has extended its new company page management positions to support LinkedIn managers. These new management positions will provide an opportunity for the business manager to maintain their presence on the website.

LinkedIn explained: “Page Admin and Paid Media Admin roles are provided by LinkedIn Pages to enable several levels of management to control the activities of pages. Members, associated staff, and advertisers may be assigned the roles of Page Admin and Paid Media Admin.”

There is nothing new in paid media levels, however, LinkedIn came up with several internal access levels so that more choices will be available for management. Peter Aspengren posted a screenshot that shows the new upgrade in LinkedIn.

The levels of new LinkedIn company page roles are: Super Admin is the option that allows every administrator to get access. Adding and removing all administrators on the page, modifying page details, and disabling the company page can be done by super admin. You can hire a particular person to maintain your company page management and minimizing risk by restricting overall access.

Content Admin will be responsible for managing and creating content of the page such as events, updates, stories, and jobs. Curator is in a position to suggest content to employees for publishing, with links to performance insights. The Analyst will analyze the overall page performance. LinkedIn makes sure that the analyst will only have access to the Analytics tab of the page and restricted in third party affairs.

Along with these, LinkedIn also provided Paid Media Admins roles in a different category. There are three separate options for Page Media Admin: Sponsored Content Poster will permit the users to make sponsored content ads. The ads will be created on account of an organization through their LinkedIn ad count. Lead Gen Forms Manager will allow users to download leads that are sent by the page. These leads are directly linked to Lead Gen Forms that the Campaign manager made via the ads account. Pipeline Builder allows users to create and design pipeline builder Landing pages related to your page.

Sometimes, LinkedIn offers a variety of these positions to the page. However 'Content Admin,' 'Curator', and 'Analyst' positions are the upgraded ones and only available for specific pages. Now, general admins and paid media admins are also separated in this new feature. Paid media admin roles are only accessible for a limited time also for limited pages.

LinkedIn in this update allows you to handle your page according to your own choices. You will have complete control over your page. The top-level managers and other staff are also separated by distinct positions. With this update, blunders will be minimized and it will be easier for contributors to spread extensively.

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