LinkedIn seems to be working on bringing some image editing features for its mobile app

Alessandro Paluzzi is a leaker and a mobile developer. He often reports about upcoming features in various apps, and sometimes unearths some hidden ‘gems’ from these apps too. Recently, he took to Twitter to report about LinkedIn. Apparently, the Microsoft-owned business and employment-centric online portal that works through various websites and mobile apps, is found to be working on an Image Editor tool for its mobile app.

Paluzzi has shared some screenshots with his tweet which show various Image editing options aside from the options of Tagging, Adding a text, or a Sticker.

The Image editor tool itself seems to be pretty basic, something that almost all the photo and video editing apps provide. Like every other app, Photo editing will help the users bring to show off their best features to all their connections, and this will perhaps increase their chances of discoverability by the job recruiters or potential connections. It is always good to have a nice portfolio anyway to drop a good first impression on anyone. So, these image editing tools will help job seekers with that, and it will also help people put on good quality and perfectly edited pictures of their products if they want to.

Now, one thing to remember is that too much editing is often a major turn-off for a lot of people. If you put on a lot of filters on your pictures and if you use a lot of editing tools, it comes across as pretty fake. A lot of people find this a sign of a lack of confidence in your own looks or how your products appear. So, it is always better to keep editing to the minimalistic level, only that much that enhances the picture. A little brightness, a little cropping, a little bit of background fading is usually all that ends up making a picture look good enough, and it does not come across as fake or pretentious too.

So, perhaps LinkedIn has tested only basic editing tools to help the users exercise a little control with their editing! It is a nice addition anyway. So, good going LinkedIn!

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