The steady growth of unreliable news sites is an addition to the list of terrible things that happened in 2020

The word NEWS is made up of four words: Notable Events, Weather, and Sports. This Frech word comes was originated from the “word” in the 14th century. It is used as a way of constructing people feel connected. People from different regions, countries, ethnicities, races, and backgrounds get to understand one another. Beginning from the news related to sports, fun, entertainment, politics, the current economic situation of the country and till the full live coverage of a certain event happening news has made our lives easier. It makes you rich in knowledge- be it regarding what's happening all over the globe or what's trending in terms of fashion. News is whats keeping us aware of all sorrowful and cheerful updates.

Authentication and verification of news come in basic ethics of representing a news update. Your news may be of no worth if it is fake and informed to gain attention. To validate whether the news is fake or genuine - NewsGuard is a technology company that keeps a check on news sources. If it observes them be true, the news sources are marked green by the company as a sign to confirm that news is genuine. If the news is fake and just made up of false rumors- the technology company disapproves of it by showing a red sign on it. Giant browsers that include Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox: all of them are the browsers that support this news substantiating firm.

Recently NewsGuard provided a piece of information that said that unreliable websites were trending on the top this year - while spreading fake news. It is an alarming situation where giant technology organizations’ quality filter checks couldn’t stop these websites from trending. 

Back in 2019, NewsGuard spotted that 8 percent of news websites were unreliable. However, the power of so-called watchdog companies to have a strict check on these websites couldn’t stop these websites from trending in the top hundreds. The percentage growth was 9 percent as it increased to 17 percent this year.

Additionally, NewsGuard explained that the news website known as: “The Daily Wire” was on the top of those websites that used fake content in its platform. The technology company also did an analysis of its traffic and compared it with that of last years’ and came to the conclusion that it has doubled since the last year. The news website is named was successful in gaining 1700 percent more traffic this year. 

"In 2019, sites rated Red by NewsGuard accrued about 700 million interactions. In 2020, 2.8 billion interactions — more than four times as many — came from Red-rated sites. As the chart below shows, that amounts to a 305% increase in engagement for Red-rated sites. Green-rated sites saw a 69% increase."

Now you might be wondering how does this new technology company come to know from a sea of information, whether the news is fake or true. Well, to let you know: it consults experienced, well-trained, well-informed, and highly educated journalists to review the piece of information that comes their way.

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