iPhone 8 users can enjoy more clarity in FaceTime

At the time of release, Apple didn’t mention the iOS 14.2 update would bring up FaceTime calls to 1080p for older phones. However, as MacMagazine spotted, Apple has updated the product comparisons page for iPhones 8, X, XR, XS, SE, and 11 (including the Max and Pro versions) to show that they now support FaceTime at 1080p over Wi-Fi, as opposed to before when they only supported 720p

Calls made over cellular data will continue to be at a lower resolution – unless you are using iPhone 12, which has 1080p FaceTime calls from the start. But for lower versions of the iPhone, you will notice an increase in clarity when you call over Wi-Fi.

It’s unclear why Apple failed to mention this feature during the update and released it so silently. Nevertheless, it is a nice bonus to have, and especially with the quarantine holidays coming up – families and friends can enjoy more clear video calls with their loved ones.

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