In Global Smartphone sales, Apple goes down to the fourth position

Samsung, Xiaomi, and Huawei lead Apple in Global Smart Phone sales. Apple being the most expensive yet falls to the fourth position.

Gartner presented new data recently which revealed that the smartphone market continues to fall by 5.7 percent in Q3 of 2020. The reason is justifiable, as the coronavirus pandemic brings down the economy.

With this ongoing pandemic still, some people prefer buying new mobile phones. According to Gartner, the shipment also begins to decline by 336 million units per quarter.

For a fact, we all know that if we ever be able to recover the market place, will never return to the level that was set before this coronavirus pandemic.

The most surprising news is the dropping of Apple in Q3 of 2020 after years and years of maintaining its position in the mobile market. Xiaomi was somehow able to overcome Apple, its American competitor for the very first time.

Samsung managed to remain at number one position

For many years, Samsung has set a record of being at the number one position in the market place. The Company managed to sell out over 80.8 million smartphones and shares a market place of 22 percent. Huawei holds second position surpassing Apple. The company successfully sold 51.8 million mobile phones and made a 14.1 percent share. Xiaomi receives third place in the market place with a 12.1 percent share and 44.4 million phones were sold even during the pandemic. Whereas, the market share of Apple is declined this year to 11.1 percent. 40.5 million iPhones were sold with the Company being in fourth place.

Research vice president at Gartner, Annette Zimmermann stated that “in Q3 of 2020, Apple managed to sell out 40.5 million units. If we compare this rate with that of 2019, there a decrease of 0.6 percent in market share.” The reason for this significant drop is delayed shipments by Apple due to the pandemic. The launch of its 2020 new generation was delayed, which usually being in the mid or end of September in previous years. In 2020, the drop is mainly due to a delay in the launch of new iPhones and thus shipments initiated 4 weeks late than it was planned.

With the new iPhones launched, Apple can return to the third position when the new units are sold worldwide and help to capture greater market share. The overall improvement in the market share by other companies was recorded. But now with the second wave of the pandemic, the business market again starting to drop as many regions are again going into a lockdown.

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