Guess what? You will now be able to view paywalled stories free of cost by Google News

Google is a technology company which was founded in California on 4th September 1998. The company claims that its mission is to make the information easily available and helpful for people all over the globe. It provides knowledge about various topics that become accessible to its users from a single click in the search bar.

On September 22, 2002; Google introduced another amazing service known as “Google News.” It is a feed reader or a software application that presents you with several ongoing articles of publishers and magazines. Andriod and iOS users can be benefitted from Google news. You can also view the news on the Web.

By 17 December 2019, Google news had an estimated 280 million users. Organization’s aims to make it easier for its users to utilize technology to know that where is the world up to-and its current situations have made it to do much for its users.

On Wednesday, this week: Google announced that it is initiating to give its users free access to paywalled content. It will partner with new publishers to provide quality news to the audience. The content will be visible on story panels however will not be available to US users for the time being.

It was mentioned by the company that it has agreed with the collaborating partners and publishers to pay them $1 billion initially. However, the users will be able to see the free content to a limit, and to view more they have to register themselves to the individual publishers.

Canada, France, UK, Australia, and Argentina are the countries whose residents will view the free Articles- without being charged a single penny.

A new news showcase panel by Google will include original; publisher-approved articles. If a news channel gives information about a local area, and an individual is following that news channel on Google; he will be subscribed to the top new updates coming from the news channel.

With a newly- dedicated area within the newsstand on Google News: the updates at the app can be viewed at the “For You” feed. It will be shortly available at at “” and Google Discover- says Google. However, it was first available on the App on Andriod and is now available on iOS also.

The company was overwhelmed to announce that since the new panel has been rolled-out; there are an estimated 400 news publishers. Conversations are being held to make this feature available in more countries all over the globe, such as the US.

Google has never disappointed its users and always made customer satisfaction and feasibility its priority which has resulted in it facing huge success - every time. By this time: Google said that both; the publishers and the users are satisfied with this update.

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