Instagram's Boss Adam Mosseri admits that the Chinese video-sharing platform TikTok is very focused and determined towards its goals

In an interview with CNBC on Thursday morning; Adam Mosseri said that the video-sharing app ‘TikTok’ is the most intimidating rival - the company has ever seen. He further gave credit to the Chinese company for creating such an amazing video-sharing platform. Adam Mosseri said: focus, determinism, and accomplishment of their plans is what has made the company touch the heights of success. It is inspiring that the company which initiated by cloning Musically was fortunate in buying the app after it was successful in gaining users in 2017. It is said that the app was sold to TikTok for $1 billion (773 million pounds).

Consistent hard work and resistance to defeat is the key to the door of success. To get back even more users and those whom it lost to ‘TikTok’; Instagram launched the ‘Reels’ feature in August. Now, the company has announced that a new feature would be introduced which would be a combination of its older services; Reels and on-line procuring. Instagram claims that this feature might better help the company to compete with the rival firm: TikTok.

In the new update companies and content creators will be able to tag the brands on their Reels so that customers can buy the items spontaneously or save the reels for later needs. This would thus let the creators enjoy while making Reels and urge more viewers to buy products. The CEO said that the accomplishment of the plan needs huge investments and the development of infrastructure. The success of the rolling-out feature will decide whether the content creators have started using the new feature or they have shifted to other platforms like snap chat and YouTube. To keep users making use of this feature regularly and continuously, Instagram must attract them through the exciting features in the Reels section.

Opinions and recommendations play a key role in assisting you to decide what to buy and what not to. Adam Mosseri believes that in the future the feature would help buyers to purchase products on the recommendations of influencers and public figures.

According to the chief of Instagram: more engineers were assigned for safety purposes than those assigned alone in his company. He further raised the point that collaborating with Facebook and sharing its members and resources have helped Instagram to grow a lot. It has happened since the collaboration began: eight years.

Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer | Getty Images

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