Violation against policies of Google has resulted in IAC’s browser extensions to get removed

IAC is an American company with its controlling headquarters in New York. It has control of media and internet-related companies in 100 countries. Barry Diller launched the company on 24th August 1995 and appointed Joey Levin as Chief executive officer to start serving the company from 2015.

The American corporation was doing pretty well until Google announced on Sunday that five of IAC’s-delivered extensions have been withdrawn from the platform. Previously, according to WSJ, Google was working on deciding; whether to charge the company with a high amount for violating its policies or not. The report further said that the company could also have faced the banning of its products on Chrome; for misguiding the buyers about its browser extensions. However, Google has not exactly pointed out which policies did the American company transgressed.

In reply to Google’s claim, a spokeswoman informed media outlets - saying that the company had already paid Google hundreds of millions of dollars for the advertisement and promotion of its products on Chrome. She said that the platform on which Google stands and the name it has earned was used to cause serious damage to IAC’s reputation. However, the WSJ used documents and sources to prove that IAC has never been able to fulfill the promises it made with Google regarding its functions. The American company is also reported to have shown extra Ads to users.

The spokesman: Scott Westover said at Reuters that Google has yet to decide about IAC’s extensions’ new position on Chrome. Many of the extensions have been removed, however, some of them are still left to be withdrawn - says Google.

The spokeswoman advocated IAC’s claim by saying that Google has already given green signal to its extensions while signing the partnership agreement; years ago.

Photo: Ali Balikci/Anadolu Agency

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