Google Assistant Can Now Keep Track And Inform You Of Your Meetings Across Multiple Accounts

Google Assistant comes back yet again with a handy new update. It will now be able to access Calendar and Google Meet information from multiple accounts to list out significant events, and inform you of their respective schedules.

Google Assistant's proclivity towards self-improvement is truly an incredible endeavor. Since its debut in 2016 as a part of the messaging system Allo, Assistant rose to quickly split itself from that association, and take over Google Now as the new assistant AI that's come to stay. Its quick and massive success (Google Assistant is reported to be active on over a billion different electronic devices) can be owed to the developers behind the scenes working tirelessly on adding to its repertoire of new and exciting features. Just recently, its Interpreter Mode was announced to attain a separate app, which could act as an on-site physical translator between two individuals. When an system's functional popularity is spawning even more apps, one can rest assured that something was done right in its making. Assistant also got its own speaker interface in 2018, to act as Google's response to Amazon's Alexa.

Prior to this update, if a person had multiple accounts in an attempt to demarcate personal and business interactions, the Assistant could not keep track of any Meet details until their respective calendars were shared with each other. Now, accounts can easily be linked together with the easy scroll of a screen and tapping of a button. The new interface will act as such: in the Google Assistant settings, under the heading of "All Settings", there will be a new icon with the name of accounts. From there, it's simply a matter of enabling access to the Assistant for whichever accounts to wish to keep tabs on. Once enabled, the app will even go as far as to ask you if it can be linked to any Bluetooth speakers supporting Assistant that you may possess. And voila! Prompting Assistant with the expression "do I have any upcoming events" will lead to it listing aloud all meetings and appointments in the day, scheduled in both the calendar and Meets.

As with all new Assistant features, this update is still in early access. Therefore, it may have a few kinks to work its way through. In lieu of that, the update might not be available across all platforms and devices yet either, though no projected date has been revealed for when that might happen. Yet, this update feels like a very natural and safe step to take. As opposed to simply keep adding to Assistant, its developers are taking the time out to sharpen its tools and make it into the most user-friendly product possible.

Screenshots: AP / Rita El Khoury.

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