Are big tech companies (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft) trying to place their candidates for senior roles in Government agencies of the US?

After the US elections, Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft are trying their best to place their representative in government agencies which include the US Department of Commerce, the US trade office, the Office of information technology, and regulatory affairs according to a report by Reuters.

The executive members of these renowned companies helped Joe Biden for making his election campaign successful by spending a lot of money. They have their interests in getting the highest seats in the US government. It is also known from different sources that Silicon Valley is also taking an interest to secure its seats in senior government. However, a member of congress is making it harder for them to succeed in completing their task.

However, there is no formal process by which names representative names can be given by these companies. It is said by the spokesperson of the Biden transition team that future administrative members will implement the ideas of policies given by Biden and will affiliated values with the president and vice president on issues.

Facebook and Microsoft have said nothing on this topic; however, Amazon’s public policy and communication chief rejected this statement of getting anyone from administrative. Google’s spokesperson also said that we are not aware of any recommendations made by us.

Researches told that there is nothing new in giving recommendations to Tech companies, these companies’ officials usually make such moves in the interest of their companies. However, the administration of Biden does not have the policies of monopoly and liberal democrats.

It does not show the good picture of a government policy to appoint the executives of these tech companies directly in your cabinet. Just like Google’s formal chief executive Eric Schmidt, had made his recommendations for appointment in the Department of defense to get the major contracts with the military.

Recently according to source information, Schmidt’s name once again has been taken to lead the US White House task force. However, this suggestion has been rejected by the progressives.

Further names have also been taken as suggestions including Christopher Kirchhoff who is a former aide. He has also worked under the former US President Obama’s administration. Now he is working at Schmidt futures. Jared Cohen’s name has also been given who is currently working as chief executive of Jigsaw for a role in the department of Defence.

Two officials of Amazon have secured a place in the office of Management and Budget. Amazon is trying to further secure a place in Biden’s administration and given the name Indra Nooyi who is former Pepsi’s chairwoman.

Facebook has already taken place in Biden’s administration, for instance, Jessica Hertz is the general counsel of Biden’s transition, Austin Lin who was the ex-program manager at Facebook is now on the agency review team for the executive office of Biden’s administration.

The names suggestion made by tech companies has been discussed in a meeting of the review team. Silicon Valley wants a prominent seat.

Labour groups and consumer advocacy suggestion to Biden to reject the pressure of Tech Companies on his administration. However, Biden’s review team assures them that hires will not be made by the administration and further, they are not telling anyone about their plans.

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