A new EU payment policy developed by Apple is initiating from December, 31st

Apple is working on a new payment policy that is going to be released on December 31st. This policy will affect online purchases, for which Apple is reminding people about the impacts of the policy and what changes are going to help developers.

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) of the European Union is all set to release the new policy which works under certain rules. Therefore, companies whose work is related to the purchase system should make changes according to the EU payment policy.

With the launch of this update, Apple assured that both the app store and Apple pay are going to work in compliance with the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). Developers are requested to check the execution of Apple pay and Store Kit.

All the detailed information on Apple Pay and Store Kit is given by Apple on the developer site that will help developers to make certain changes for EU payment policy.

In the case of Store Kit, for purchasing, the credit card or debit card of the user is verified first. The authentication process involves a payment service provider website or an app, after which the user will receive a message about the confirmation of purchase. This might be an interrupted purchasing as it needs separate authentication or kind of approval and then the user will be reverted to the App store.

One important thing to note is to set the App in a way that new transactions are aligned with the pending transactions of Apple. This will help the user to easily handle SCA transactions. On closing the App, all the pending payments will be appeared with the tag of failed or denied. Whereas, on any new transaction with SCA, a message with the label purchased will be received by the user.

For Apple Pay, country code is extremely important for successful transactions. The two-letter country code is helpful in avoiding the problems of the Apple Pay program. The benefitting feature of Apple Pay is that the user does not need to do authentication separately as it has a built-in authentication system.

The country code should be according to the country in which the fund is processing. Showing final payment on the payment sheet will help in the authentication of the transaction.

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