For how long, a story typically lasts on Google Discover feed?

Google Discover is a feature developed by Google where you can find different articles and videos. Google Discover will display content based on your interests. And the topics kept on changing according to your likings. It also gives you the option to customize your feed the way you like.

Google Discover displays content for a certain time duration. But interestingly, there is not a fixed time which tells how long the story will last on Google Discover. The average lasting duration of a story was unknown until Valentin Pletzer discovered that 1300 publishers post 6000 hyperlinks. Among them, 66 percent are AMP hyperlinks.

According to the data presented by Valentin Pletzer, 6 percent of the stories last only for an hour and 61 percent of them stayed in between one hour to 24 hours. The fact to point out is that every story or content’s lasting duration is different.

On the other hand, 17 percent of articles last around one to two days and 7 percent around three to four days. Some of the articles even last for more than three days on Google Discover. Around 9 percent of them were included in this time-frame. All the recently posted articles stayed for 70 seconds while the old ones had been stacked there for almost two years.

Valentin Pletzer represented a pie chart that shows the stats of time duration for different percentages of articles. For every different user, the lasting duration of different articles differ. Google Discover shows different stories for different people at different times according to their range of interests.

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