Ransomware threat will be controlled by the new task force formed with the help of Microsoft and Citrix

Viruses and hacking have many different types, one of which is ransomware. A ransomware virus attack is a badly known attack where your data files are encrypted by the hackers, in return they ask for the payment as a ransom. If you pay the money only then they decrypt your data files.

It is malware, with the help of which a hacker can have complete control over your data. Hacker can lock your data and blackmail you that he will leak your data or may delete it if you are not able to make the payment as ransom. Hackers usually send a spam link in an email in most cases. However, this is not it, you can get this spam link through a third-party website or an unknown link. This ransomware has attacked the files of many organizations and companies. This virus has plagued computer networks for more than 15 years. As a result, a task force has been formed with the help of Microsoft and Citrix to stop this attack.

The Institute for Security and Technology has created this task force to deal with this curse. The members of this task force are legal experts, cybersecurity firms, tech industry players, and policymakers. In short, this force is created with the inclusion of all experts to deal with this attack in all manners.

The founding members of this task force are completely aware that this attack could be much harmful to any entity. Because data is everything for an organization or a company. If a company is attacked by this attack, this company will be grabbed in the hands of the hackers. Ultimately, will be ready to pay a ransom.

The task force member will observe the ransomware kill chain and how the hackers give the command and regulate servers. They will also recommend taking necessary actions publicly or privately that will reduce this attack to a great level. For instance, if the anti-malware apps running on the computers of the users, this task force will recommend getting out of this app as soon as possible. in short, this task force will try its best to deal with this threat and will leave no stone unturned.

The task force will most probably start its work in the March or April. However, the good news is the website will go live in January. Everybody knows that today this ransomware is much dangerous and complexed than 20 years before.

The hackers take ransom in hundreds of dollars from the companies or individuals being hacked, but the business or individuals will have to bear millions of dollars as a result of their data locked. Because a company cannot run its business without its data.

According to a report, approximately 300,000 dollars have been taken as ransom during the year 2020, which is more than 500 percent from the previous year.

This malware not only give a financial loss, but this malware took human life in a German hospital in 2020.

Photo: WhataWin / istockphoto

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