Facebook modifies the desktop version of the Messenger by adding AR Effects and 360-degree Backgrounds

Facebook is introducing AR effects and 360-degree backgrounds to the desktop version of Messenger for people to enjoy the Christmas holidays. AR effects, filters, and the 360-degree background will make the desktop version more appealing.

Users were previously able to incorporate AR effects and 360-degree background in their normal messenger app on smart devices. In April, Facebook already added the 360-degree background option for in-app messenger. Now, users can use this version on their desktop messenger as well.

Facebook explained that several AR effects will be launched today, in which you can opt for any theme according to your preferences. The effect includes Santa’s Lap, Winter Village, Christmas Tree Hat, Grumpy Yeti, Festive Lights, and Christmas Elf.

So if you are excited to look weird with the effect on, now you are allowed to experience this too. The digital Christmas hat and mask will enable you to propagate Christmas joy with everyone in your video call.

At the beginning of this year, Facebook tested out this feature in selected markets. After which, Facebook publically released the full version of this for the desktop messenger. Facebook observed a 100 percent rise in user stats on the desktop version of messenger. People prefer to use desktop messenger for video calling especially during the pandemic. With this in mind, Facebook has aimed to include more specialized tools to satisfy increased demand as the Covid-19 decided to keep the families apart for long time, the messenger usage on the desktop will again rise in the next couple of weeks as the second wave of the Coronavirus is already at its peak.

These improvements are essential to balance the use of the messenger desktop version with that of the regular in-app messenger. To use the holiday filters and effects all you need to do is open the messenger app on the desktop then, make a video call, or open the messenger camera. To activate the filters and background effects, simply click on the smiley face icon.

You can grab the latest Web Messenger software from Mac and Windows stores.

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