Facebook boasts that its Instant Articles adoption among publishers is growing

It appears that the rumors of the end of Facebook Instant Articles have been massively misunderstood.

On the 15th of December, Facebook revealed some growth figures and upgrades for its mobile content format.

The social media giant said that firstly, there is more revenue to be gained from Instant articles on Facebook. For the top 100 publishers in the U.S. and Canada, RPMs on Instant Articles grew by 48 percent year by year and 27 percent for the top 500 publishers using the mobile content format globally.

The number of publishers rises this year is more than 5,700, publishers either beginning to use or reverting to the format. As per Facebook, in all 50,000 Facebook pages utilize Instant Articles.

Facebook said that they are planning to bring out new features next year which include improved video ad quality and more in-depth observation. Facebook will provide more insights into articles like scroll-depth, top-rated articles through the creator’s studio.

For this year, this is the second big announcement made by Facebook regarding Instant Articles. In January, Facebook posted news about a variety of product changes including an automated ad yield tool that adds either a CTA button or an ad in separate sections of the article, based on which features will get more sales for publishers.

The purpose of January announcements was to make improvements intended to more closely incorporate Instant Article content with the rest of Facebook content. Just like, a new recirculation button is introduced by Facebook on the top of Instant Article to keep the reader up to date with the publisher’s content. Another feature was to support Instant Articles via Facebook stories on which Facebook claims that 300 million users use it every day.

There is not a single proper reason for increased sales performance. It was said by the Facebook representative that different things work for different publishers but did not clarify or specify each of them.

The spokesperson said Facebook's RPM estimation would not quantify the value from CTA buttons that might produce revenue from Instant Articles themselves.

Irrespective of the reason, in the last six months of 2020, the increase in revenue started. Justin Wohl, the chief revenue officer of Salon, noticed that throughout the spring, the RPMs on Salon's Instant Article pages remain stable at around $8 and then started growing in August.

Over the last 90 days due to the big leap Salon's RPMs on Facebook Instant Articles now rest north of $15, which is approximately 30% that on mobile RPM.

Wohl told that there is an immense demand for Facebook Instant Articles. Salon only utilizes the format for advertisement revenue rather than collecting email addresses and asking for subscriptions.

Facebook is working hard to restore stable relationships with media firms. Many publishers are watching the success cautiously as they don’t get the reason behind it.

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