Meet collab: Facebook’s first-ever collaborative music video app

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are now not just limited to scrolling the feed, liking, and sharing the posts. As there is continuous advancement in technology, social media firms are taking full advantage. To make the app more interesting to users and attract more of them, the companies are launching new updates to their current apps and also bringing new ones to the market.

Facebook launched an app named “collab” which is now available to all the iOS users in the US. NPE Team and Facebook’s Research and development team introduced the app back in May as an invite-only beta. As the app was launched for testing, it was available for Canadian and US inhabitants. Now, along with improved updates, the app has been launched on the App store.

To let you know: the app allows the users to watch, and create music videos by making changes and doing variations to the original videos according to their preferences. Interestingly, the app allows you to make videos with your loved ones even when they are not near.

While the company: Facebook’s NPE group officially announced the availability of the app; it said that it had to collaborate and work with the beta test community to ensure that its users get the best features in the update. It included: discovery of new collabs, easier and updated version for creating and sharing videos.

The app allows you to watch and create three videos simultaneously- of 15 seconds each. The videos will be played in sync. Moreover, in each layer, you can also swap the videos.

Just like Instagram: if you come across a music video that truly touches your heart, you can favorite it. Additionally, Collab will notify you whenever a new video is uploaded on that profile. The clips which include a watermark can be exported and shared on an Instagram story and Tik Tok.

Most of us might be thinking that this app is much like the video-creating platform: ‘Tik Tok’ or like Instagram ‘Reels’ or Snapchat’s ‘Spotlight’ feature. Yes, we can say that many of the features are quite common in all the above-mentioned apps and updates. However, the app named ‘Soundtrap Capture’ has more things in common with Facebook’s Collab. Both the apps make it easier for video creators to bring different parts of different videos together; without making a video and putting all videos simultaneously.

Hopefully, this app will compete with TikTok and provide users a new way and platform to discover their ‘melody artistry.’ It was never possible for the singer Morgxn to release his new song, which was named ‘Wonder’ on the app. The video song gained 43 million streams is a huge success for both: collab and the singer.

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