Regardless of valiant efforts made by Instagram, questionable accounts and false claims about the COVID-19 vaccine are still there

It is important to bring credible information about the COVID-19 vaccine to people especially on a big platform like Instagram. Many fake accounts have been created on Instagram just to misguide people and discrediting the vaccine of the COVID-19.

Despite the statement of Instagram that it will remove the big number of demystified claims about the vaccine to guide the people to the right path, that is CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), misinformation is still thriving on the platform.

Instagram has made an effort to top the CDC result when users search for Coronavirus or its vaccine. Yet, one of the big problems i.e. dubious accounts are still there trying to distribute wrong information about the COVID-19 vaccine. Instagram has not been successful to completely remove such accounts despite a valiant effort.

However, the Facebook spokesperson said that they have made an effort to bring credible information to the people in the search results. Still, they are trying their best to make further improvements to their search and will remove such accounts that pormotes fake information about the vaccine of the COVID-19. Because it is against the policies of the social network. Furthermore, Facebook said that it will make an effort to remove such content trying to mislead people about the vaccinations on Discover or hashtags pages.

The search result works in such a way that what kinds of accounts users have followed or the contents that the user was involved in before, or it could be the past conduct of the user. People now don’t even know the kind of accounts they followed is questionable or not, giving the truthful information or not. This makes a huge difference in getting a piece of trustworthy information.

Facebook’s spokesperson further said that they have improved the search typehead (predictive text) to bring quality accounts and they have invested more of their time and money in this regard. Facebook’s policy is to protect the community from fake information that could be harmful or dangerous for society.

Instagram is also focusing on how to stop the spread of Coronavirus prompt where this disease has coursed even more.

Spokesperson of Instagram said that that prompt will guide the people to CDC and World Health Organization.

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