EU announced its searching ranks; which are to be used by Microsoft, Google, and other giant companies

The Europian Union has its managing platform named ‘Europian Commission’. It works for enforcing, updating the old, and making new laws. It was found in 1974 and currently has 27 commissioners and each of them is from member states. The member of organizations holds meetings after the interval of every six months to set rules and decide on how the Europian political and economic unification is to be run and supervised- justly. United kingdom was among the member countries of the union which left the firm in 2020.

On Monday, the Europian Commission made it transparently clear to the giant platforms on how to rank their online search results. Google and Microsoft were among those firms who were briefed about the new criteria for ranking the results.

A deadline of 1 week is given to the companies to learn the updated criteria. The rules are expected to be followed from next week and the rules will be officially published. There are high chances of the imposition of further barriers on the Tech firms by the European Commission.

Smaller competing companies and firms are reported to list several non-transparent ways through which these giant companies rank their search outcomes. They say that by doing so these giant platforms rank the searches on top; from the bottom.

Google was also heavily charged an estimated EUR eight billion for violating the rules and unethically ranking its search results. The Europian Commission’s watchdog companies detected that over two years; from 2017 to 2019 Google unfairly ranked the outcomes to compete for small rival firms.

Additionally, Amazon was charged by the EU by the last month for violating its antitrust rules. It was charged for illegally using data brought from third parties to use it against them.

Online platforms are required to specify the algorithmic limitations that decide the ranking order and share them with other organizations; by online platforms- says the European Commission. Margrethe Vestager; who runs the Europian organization is expected to announce the newly-set and strict boundaries and rules for publishing data which will allow all the organizations to fairly and honestly rank their search results. This would be known as the Digital Services Act (DAC) and will be hopefully announced on the 15th of December this year. The company tries its utmost to minimize the acts of companies to unethically and illegally use the data to rank their search outcomes.

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