Brokers’ current market rate is 1000 dollars to verify TikTok creators on the app

For TikTok creators, a faster way to get verified is by paying 1000 dollars to brokers if you want to avoid the official process. Now every TikTok creator wants to get fame and increase their visibility to a great extent. For them, blue tick (a sign of verification) will help to create an opportunity to generate income when they work with the brands.

A Canadian creator has requested not to take his name, said that there is a group of public relations professionals who work as an intermediary, charge these 1000 dollars rate. The agency having personal contacts with TikTok. They provide such services through a Facebook group about the progress of TikTok

A person who owns such an agency in Australia has not given his name said that process has almost zero risk level. Creators who agree to pay such an amount are given a simple form from TikTok which is not similar to the form of the official TikTok certificate of verification. However, creators do not need to pay such an amount before the verification. In simple words, first services will be rendered then they will have to make payment to the agency.

According to BI, many other agencies also provide such verification services to the creators but what’s different is their rates. They have their rates. One creator told us that when he tried to get such a service, he was asked the rate of 1500 dollars. According to our information creators can be charged up to 5000 dollars. Depending on the quality of services and timely process. Further, he said that it is not a good idea to trust a third party when creators can also get the same services through the official process. However, when the TikTok officials were asked the question about the matter discussed. They refused to talk about this story

If we talk about the benefits of being verified, the blue tick can create a trust of brands or may help to advertise the accounts of a verified creator. Or, it may prevent banned on their accounts. But these benefits are up to such extent only. For You page of TikTok does not prioritize these verified persons. In short, if you want to make your account prominent, go for blue tick otherwise, there are negligible benefits of being verified.

A researcher from the London School of Economics said that, for creators, it is not a big deal to spend 1000 dollars for the verification to avoid the official process. It has now become a tradition of being famous and get a lot of followers.

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