Are you worried about your pictures uploaded on your social media profile being misused? Here's a nifty AI-powered tool for you!

If we talk about this century- where innumerable social media apps that are getting launched in the market have users in millions; mentioning the increased appearance of data hackers and malware gangs isn’t something never talked about. Facebook itself is among the ones who reported its failure of not being able to terminate the deceitful gangs; steal the data of their users which was over $4 million; at a Virus Bulletin held in November 2020. Saying this that every person from a layman to the most famous person who walks on earth such as Bill Gates is conscious about his data or specifically pictures used in an invalid way won’t be considered wrong. Right?

Let me tell you that you now have to stop worrying about your pictures being unethically used; without your consent, because it is preventable to much extent. You must be wondering: how? Well, continue reading if I am not wrong and to the answer to your question.

An app named: Anonymizer has been able to win many hearts due to its functions; which help you completely transform your picture yet makes it bear a resemblance to you. Interesting!. It can do so by using a technology that detects originative pictures and uses blurring technology through the refining of Eyedea identification. It further works; firstly by recognizing faces and then uses several blurring filters to make the picture look parallel to what it was before obscuring. This Generated Media- developed app was before its introduction; tested on photos in thousands and more in its studio.

You can use this app for transforming as many photos as you want to - without getting charged a single penny. However, it comes with a drawback which says: that for making use of it for commercial purposes- you need to sign up for a paid license. Furthermore, the app is most effective in reconstructing your snaps only when you post focused photographs of your face; positioned straightforwardly. To further make the results successful, try avoiding using pictures containing multiple faces. It also works well with an uncropped background.

Many of us are still critical of whether the app saves your pictures or not. To let you know; it doesn’t. It ensures the safe placing of your data and using it just for necessary purposes. After the software works to process your pictures; a feedback loop is generated, that manufactures updates photos. You then simply have to pick the one that resembles your face the most and use it on any social platform which is scanned by similars of Clearview Al.

To conclude, if you have 10 strategies to make your data safe; a hacker might have double that yours. Thus, it is advised to be cautious of hackers changing their faces through this trick to rob your data.
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