Google Assistant Will Now Be Able To Recognize Sunrise and Sunset As Routine Cues

In yet another update to Assistant, Google's looking to introduce time-based triggers in the form of sunrise/sunset for the Routines feature. This may have seemed like a huge mouthful of technical jargon, but allow this author to delve into further detail.

Google's AI, commonly known as Assistant, is seeing updates at an almost lightning-fast pace. With the addition of Interpreter's separate app, Apple Music Support, and access to information from multiple accounts at once, 2020's been a particularly invigorating year for the interface. What's interesting to note is that most of these updates aren't revolving around the addition of new features as much as they're constantly on the lookout to update old ones. For example, the ability to access information from apps such as Meets via multiple accounts is less innovative, and more focused on convenience. The image Google seems to be projecting is not one of a frazzled, trend-chasing techie so much as it is one of a craftsman, carefully re-examining his machinations to smoothen the edges.

Assistant Routines revolves around the AI recognizing certain cues that are fed to it, which are set as reminders for the user. For example, if one were to say "good morning" to the assistant as a cue, it would automatically turn on the lights, turn silent mode off, and inform them of the weather conditions. Users can also create custom cues, and have the Assistant perform whatever myriad of tasks are required with it. Google's support site does mention, however, that not all features are available in all countries, so tasks can be limited.

The recognition of sunrise and sunset is another update that's less focused on addition and more on refinement. Instead of the aforementioned voice cues given to Routines, the same tasks and reminders can now be set to go off at particular times of the day. Users can also further streamline the process to work at certain locations. This new update is an upgrade to the previous "Time" modification of Routines, where a routine could be attached to a specific time. However, with the shifting of everyday life as the year moves on, these can prove to be easily outdated. Now, the app can recognize when the sun goes up and down, automatically adjusting for timeframe shifts like a self aware alarm clock.

It looks as if the new feature is only out for beta testing, as not everyone has access to it (as is the norm for early feature products from Google). However, this author estimates that in a few short months, we'll all be enjoying the latest commodity that's here to help carry our workload with us.

H/T: Reddit / Matha_ric.

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