Report: Amazon Has Surpassed Facebook In Tracking Reach, While Google Remains The No.1 Company To Be Following You Around The Web

Billions of internet users across the globe unknowingly trade their private data while browsing. Users tracking by Google, Facebook, and Amazon and other tech giants has become so pervasive that it is nearly impossible for us to avoid. Nearly every webpage you visit is infested with trackers. Moreover, companies use these trackers to aggregate enormous quantities of data. When these quantities are taken together, detailed profiles are created that can reveal several things about us including some private ones.

It is worth mentioning that large companies carry out this marry assault on privacy supposedly so marketers can target people more accurately while placing advertisements. A new report from Ghostery provides some figures on how bad things actually are right now.

Called Tracking the Trackers, this report provides insight on ‘web tracking.’ Ghostery claims to have more than seven million users. They prepared the report by drawing on the online experiences of their users. This report was first published back in 2017, and some important trends have emerged during the past three years. Released on Thursday, this report cites data collected from 1.96 billion webpage loads.

According to this report, Google retains tracking reach on 80.3 percent of all sites. Previously, Facebook was the second-place tracker. However, Amazon has surpassed Facebook in tracking reach. The report suggests that Amazon has tracking reach on 29.4 percent of all websites, while Facebook clocks at only 23 percent. In comparison, Amazon trackers appeared on 10.5 percent of all webpage loads back in the year 2017.

In an interview on Thursday, president of Ghostery, Jeremy Tillman, said that for Amazon, it is not only that this company is increasing their data collection and tracking, it is that Amazon is gobbling up a larger share of the internet. The report published by Ghostery also classifies seven kinds of trackers.

Amazon Ad trackers performs that task of ad targeting as well as analysis. The second trackers is Amazon Cloudfront trackers that provide routine website-operation services to websites that are using the hosting services of Amazon. On the other hand, Amazon Web Services trackers perform the same basic job. Amazon CDN trackers help websites that are using the web services of Amazon in content distribution network. Payment trackers help with customer-interactions of Amazon. trackers assess your interests all over the web. Lastly, Amazon Associates trackers collect information from Amazon’s marketing.
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