YouTube to introduce audio ads

YouTube is used by individuals for many purposes such as research, studying, binge-watching, or listening to podcasts and music. There are many advertisements on YouTube which convey messages to the target audience visually. However, YouTube is now going to publish ads that will be for audiences who use YouTube for audio purposes only.

This means that the ‘new’ ads will be more focused on people who listen to songs, music or podcasts on YouTube and less on visuals altogether.

However, it must be remembered that these ads will have visuals and not only be audio oriented. While the message will be conveyed through audio, the visuals will comprise of simple pictures or a normal animation.

Recently, research was carried out which proved that audio ads are very effective. More than 75% of the audio ads lifted brand awareness. For example, the Shutterfly ad was able to manage 14% more ad recall and a 2% increase in priority of target audience.

YouTube is not only working on audio ads but are also considering announcing different music lineups. This will enable companies to launch their campaign on music channels available on YouTube.

YouTube has figured out a way of how to engage the audience in the ad. The ad must have the line, “Think: if I close my eyes, I can still clearly understand what this ad is about.”

In a separate blog post, YouTube’s head of music advised advertisers as to why they should launch audio-based campaigns. This is because YouTube is a major music streaming platform. It is basically a music site but two billion logged-in users watch a music video at least once a month. He also emphasized that 60% of YouTube’s music viewing happens on your device where visuals are absent.

YouTube is also helping advertisers on how to make their audio ads effective. Audio ads will be launched at specific moments when the audience is listening.

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