YouTube is going to feature ads even in the videos of creators who are not a part of the YouTube Partner Program

YouTube Partner Program (YPP) has a strict eligibility criterion, but any creator can apply for it, and if they are eligible, they become a part of this monetization program. They allow YouTube to put ads in their videos and together, both YouTube and the creators generate good revenue. The advertisers also get a chance to showcase their products and brands, and although these ads are pretty annoying because they disrupt the continuity of a video, the users will have to bear with them if they want to continue using YouTube’s free services. If they have a problem with these disruptions, they can join YouTube Premium anytime.

However, some of the creators had made it a rule to not add any ads in their videos, even if that cost them millions of dollars of revenue. But they did it just to provide an uninterrupted video experience to their viewers using the free service. Sadly, YouTube has announced to change this policy. As per the latest decision, YouTube is going to begin adding ads even in the video of the creators who are not a part of the YouTube Partner Program. So, they will not get any revenue because they are not included in the monetization program, but their videos will still have ads because YouTube wants it that way now.

In its announcement, YouTube said that the creators who are not a part of the YPP can apply for it anytime they want. If they are eligible, they will start earning money through their videos now because they will have ads whether their creators want them or not.

Since there is not going to be any choice anyway, such creators may as well apply for the YouTube Partner Program.

Another update is that YouTube has added a clarification on banning the usage of facial recognition data from video clips. Apart from this, YouTube has announced that Google will withhold taxes from the payment that creators earn through the YouTube Partner Program. Their revenue payments will be considered as royalties and Google will withhold taxes from them if the law requires. For the US creators, there is not going to be any considerable change because of these withholding taxes if they continue to file proper and valid tax documentation in AdSense.

All these changes have already started rolling out in the US. The rest of the world will get them by the mid of next year.

Photo: Toby Melville/Reuters
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