The new Google Pay app riffles through your transactions and receipts and will help in itemizing your taxes in a far easier way

Google has launched its new Google Pay app, and it can make the life of a its users very easy! Even if you are not a business owner, it still can help you itemize your receipts and transaction scripts easily in a more organized manner.

What happens is that if you are doing some online business, most of your tractions receipts either come through your email account, or they are stored in your Google Photos (if you are a fan of taking picturesof everything). Now, Google Pay can integrate both Google Photos and Gmail, sift through all your receipts and transaction statements, and provide you a perfectly organized, itemized ledger of all your business.

In the ‘Insights Tab,’ you will see the button saying, ‘See More.’ Once you click it, you will be prompted to enable the Google Photos and Gmail integration with the app.

Once, this integration setup is complete, you can try out searching for a particular bill from a retailer. You can search through their name also, and the Google Pay app will provide you all the details and search results that it will find in Google Photos and Gmail related to that retailer. Aside from the name of retailers, you can search purchased items by their names too, and all the bills and receipts related to them will appear in your Google Pay app. You can even use keywords bound to a certain item that appeared in one of your receipts. So, basically, instead of taking out print outs of all your receipts and bills and file them together, or enter all these transaction details in an online form, you can simply get everything itemized through your Google Pay app. The end year tax returns and taxation filings can become far easier through this app too.

Google Pay will show you all the receipts, your bank statement, location of the place or bank from where the transaction was made, card details that were used to make a payment, etc. on a single screen.

This is all really simple once the integration set up has been made. It will not only save a lot of time, but it will be very hassle-free too. There will be no stress or worries about any filing or errors coming in your files too. So, all in all, so far, this app seems to be a real ‘God-send.’ Let us see how users find it and if it is as good as it sounds to be right now or not?

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