DXOMARK’S latest ratings for the best speakers have come out and it suggests that Amazon’s Echo Studio and Harman Kardon Citation 200 top the lists

DXOMARK is an independent French set up by engineers that have unique ways to test various devices. They assess the quality of smartphone cameras, the quality of lenses of different phones, and they also look into the audio and display parameters of various models of smartphones. These researchers analyze different products with a keen eye and a series of hundreds of perceptual and objective tests and then they provide an Overall Score to each product based on its various functionalities. Needless to say, the higher a product earns in DXOMARK’S overall score, the better it is.

The tests DXOMARK run to analyze various smartphones, cameras, and other gadgets are all posted on their website. It is one of the largest online sources of ratings and rankings for digital images, cameras, lenses, audio, and video quality, etc. Millions of people all over the globe rely on the scores and ratings by DXOMARK to make informed decisions before buying a product.

Recently, DXOMARK has started looking into the quality of various speakers that are available in the market. So far, they have analyzed 12 test products from 11 different brands and have published an online rating for all of them based on different parameters.

To make things easy, the engineers and experts from DXOMARK divided these smart speakers into two categories. The first category includes the smart speakers that come within the range of 200 euros (or 235 dollars) and 200-499 euros (or 235 to 590 dollars). As per sources, eventually, another category will also come that will include the speakers that are above the range of 500 euros (or 590 dollars).

According to the current results in the category of smart speakers up to the range of 200 euros (or 235 dollars), Amazon’s Echo Studio has topped the list and is one of the best smart speakers out there with an overall score of 124 from DXOMARK.

The second in line is Xiaomi’s Mi Smart Speaker HD with an overall score of 109 by DXOMARK.

The third best available speakers are Xiaomi’s Mi Smart Speaker Battery Edition with an overall score of 104 by DXOMARK.

Now coming to the smart speakers that come in the segment with a price range of 200-499 euros (or 235 to 590 dollars). In this segment, the winner is Harman Kardon Citation 200 with an overall score of 147 by DXOMARK.

Google’s Home Max speaker takes second place in this list with an overall score of 145, and Bose’s Home Speaker 500 is in the third position with an overall score of 130.

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