Apple's Another Selling Point With New Macbooks Is Much Improved Video Chat Quality

This Tuesday, Apple came out with their new line up of Macbooks powered by their very own homemade silicon chip called M1. While the company did talk about the incremental updates that the new processor has brought to the device, Tim Cook and his team were more focused on highlighting the improvements in video call quality as a unique selling point throughout the event.

If claims made by Apple are to be true then on the new $999 Macbook Air 2020, you will be able to Facetime your friends or co-workers twice longer than the predecessors on a single charge. Apple says that the developing team has made it possible by introducing the latest image signal processor - a move that is bound to improve the camera image quality to the next level.

On the other hand, Apple's new $1,299 13-inch MacBook Pro - the company’s best-performing notebook for years - will also have studio-quality microphones this time and that also means that along with the improved video-quality, users of the Pro device will also get to enjoy a better sound quality as well.

Overall, one can also assume that M1 is going to make the images much sharper with more detail and bring the much-needed upgrade in sound as well. But with that being said, all the Macbooks of this year will still have the same 720p resolution Facetime camera. It is something that Mac users for long have been complaining about because the quality is not close to what we get to see on iPads and iPhones.

Watching the entire event you get to realize that the new Macbook lineup has been designed with a major focus on providing all that a user would need for remote learning and work. There are more and more people now who want to buy devices that should help them with the "work from home" culture the way they want and Apple so far has been spot on with that.

In fact, Apple too has extended its work from home policy for US workers to July 2021 as according to Tim there hasn’t been any effect on the company’s progress with the current shift. However, as certain things like in-person meetings can be a challenge at times, Apple is taking on to solve it for you with upgrades in video call setups that will matter in times to come.

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