Google to play around with a new set of categories in search results?

Google is testing a new sub-category feature in its search results – reports SEMrush. According to the SEO tool makers, the sub-categories appear under the main categories (All, Images, Videos, News, and Books) and are classified as: Overview, Products, Stores, Reviews, and Videos.

The company shared a screenshot of their findings on Twitter as well and said that this may be helpful for reviews and eCommerce industry.

Apart from SEMrush, several other individuals also reported the same and were surprised by the addition. In fact, several internet users took to Twitter and shared their annoyance. Most of them said that there is no need for a new set of headings and Google can easily integrate a Review section in the existing main categories.

However, a few groups of tech experts also suggested that this may be a glitch in the company’s software.

As of yet, we can’t say much until Google releases an official statement. But do let us know your thoughts about the new feature in the comments section!

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