WhatsApp’s Android Beta Gets Advanced Wallpaper Designs

WhatsApp is the biggest online messaging service in the world, but this in no way means that it can try to rest on its laurels. In fact, many of its erstwhile small competitors are actually coming up pretty fast which means that WhatsApp might need to figure out a solution here or there that would allow the company to become a little more secure in a lot of different ways in spite of the fact that competitors might try to take its place at the top of the internet messaging industry.

While there are a lot of things that WhatsApp can improve on, the thing that it has chosen as its main focus right now is the backgrounds it offers its users. iOS versions of the app tend to get updates sooner, but Android users should rejoice because they are about to get advanced wallpapers as well. Accoirding to WABetaInfo, over 60 new wallpapers will now be available to users, with half of them being bright and the other half being dark. You can also set custom wallpapers for each chat that you might be looking into, thereby bringing a nice personal touch to your chats with people that you truly care about.

Another nifty feature is that you can adjust the opacity of your wallpapers. This is useful for people that might find an overly eye catching wallpaper to be so distracting. Some might say that WhatsApp would be better off improving other aspects of the service it provides. However, regardless of what you might think these new backgrounds certainly do add a lot to the whole experience. The animations in some of the backgrounds are a bit of a throwback to the extravagant backgrounds that many early chatting applications provided. It might not be enough to keep its competitors at bay, but it would certainly make some users happy.

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