WhatsApp Web Will No Longer Support Legacy Versions of Microsoft’s Edge Browser

Microsoft has been attempting to create a viable internet browser that people could end up using for a really long time, and after the massive failure of Internet Explorer which has lead to it, and by extension Microsoft, being widely ridiculed as ineffective to an almost comical degree, Microsoft decided to end its efforts with Explorer and instead focus on a new browser which they have named Edge.

While previous versions of Edge relied on Microsoft’s independent platforms, the latest version of the browser has had Microsoft in some way accepting the dominance of Google in this regard by adopting Google’s Chromium platform for browser building.

The Chromium based version of Edge has proven to be quite the step forward for Microsoft in a lot of ways, providing a stable alternative that many people were willing to take a lot more seriously. This has meant that legacy versions of the Edge browser started to see decreased support from various platforms and perhaps the biggest example of this can be seen with WhatsApp Web no longer supporting legacy versions of Edge.

This has indicated that previous versions of this browser are rapidly being phased out as Microsoft pushes hard for Chromium versions of Edge to be adopted as the standard. Whether or not this would allow Microsoft to be considered as a serious contender in a browser market that has been utterly dominated by Google Chrome for over a decade remains to be seen, but the shift to Chromium is no complete for Microsoft for all intents and purposes. The future of this browser will indicate a struggle between two tech giants, one that represents the old guard of the tech industry and the other a former upstart enterprise that has managed to achieve quite the monopoly in many areas of the tech world.

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