What your aesthetic preferences depict about you?

Does the CEO of the well-renounced company conducting a video call with piles of files in the background make sense to you? Not for me at least. Covid-19 has become the new normal; it is not unusual to say that online video interviews, office meetings, business conferences, and interacting video academic classes are being conducted from home. People have now developed working-from-home routines.

Most of us now use video calls for our work needs. In such a situation Zoom has availed its users the opportunity to change their background and attend meetings without any obstacle. Be it the owner of the company or the worker; we can now conduct a video call no matter what the time or situation is.

A survey of over 1500 respondents shows that most of the people recommended using plants in the background of meetings. They believed that a person through showing plants in the frame gives an impression of them being honest, communicative, and alert. It was also believed that if a person is seated in front of a book rack, the chances are high of him being an extremely skilled and professional person. But such a person is less likely to be seen as friendly and welcoming. Moreover, people expected a person sitting in front of the candles to be trustable and welcoming. Nonetheless, they saw him least likely to be concerned about his work.

71% of the population was reported to adjust the lighting and 63% of them were more concerned with cleaning their home when not using zoom background. While aesthetically pleasing the audience through adjusting the angle of the background remained the main focal point for 60 percent of the zoom users. Among the total people being studied in the survey 36% were the ones counted as those not using any of the zoom backgrounds. They changed their house location for a better view of the background. Some also preferred joining meetings in natural light for the intention of people perceiving them in a better way. Interestingly, people who preferred using blank workspaces to leave other video call members curious about their actual background also existed in the population being surveyed.

In this materialistic world, people do care the most about their perception in other person’s minds based on what they are wearing or manifesting. Zoom serves to help people changing their meeting backgrounds for their better perception.

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