Barack Obama identified the internet as a major threat to democracy

If we travel back to 2008; the former president of the USA used the internet to win the ownership of the white house. Barack Obama now claims that the internet is simply a threat to the democracy of his country. In his latest interview, held with Jaffrey Goldberg, who is an Atlantic editor, Obama criticized social media platforms. His words reflected his thoughts about a media platform dominated by Fox News and Facebook. Obama further said that by dominating social media platforms, they help Americans in deciding their own biased reality.

Technology companies use the Communications Decency Act, section 230 to justify what they present on media. Facebook is an obvious example of those who save themselves for being held answerable for their content. They do so by not directly getting involved in decision making about what is to be shown on media. The Opposite is the case: it lets its users decide about the content. Rather than considering social media platforms as common utility; they should be considered as publishers, claims Obama.

However, strict actions are taken in provoking the social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to have a conscious eye on what is to be shown on media. The section 230 Act permits them to remove content promoting terrorism or trauma.

In his interview; earlier published this year with the New York Times editorial board, the act of section 230 is heavily criticized by Joe Biden.

By referring to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Joe Biden took a more extreme position than many Democrats and republicans. Currently seeking to tweak the protection of laws he said that section 230, without any second thought, should be immediately canceled.

Obama did not completely hold social media platforms responsible for presenting unwanted information on internet. According to him unnecessary information being displayed on social media at the time of pandemic is working to disunite consumers to unanimously disagree on one single topic.

Advocates working in favor of Technology Companies including Facebook declare section 230 as a safe site for them to allow designing content more safely. They also add this point to their argument that law often almost always plays a crucial part in maintaining social order in society. It allows the owners of social media platforms to omit information that is age-restricted.

In the interview published on Monday, NR was informed by the former president of the USA that viewers must be questionable of what is being shown on the internet. Saying that consumers must take care of what just comes up on their mobile screens, Obama indirectly blamed the internet as the major cause of political division existing in 2020.

Conclusively, he held his belief firm by saying that until all the people come on the same page problems like these would be welcomed.

Photo: JUSSI NUKARI/AFP/Getty Images

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