Microsoft is soon to bring the Network Protection feature for macOS by December 2020

Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection is a technological marvel, a security platform that helps various organizations and enterprises from becoming targets of cybercrime. The new name of this platform is Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. The company explains that this is a holistic and cloud-delivered security solution to all the various types of risks that enterprises and organizations are put through by cybercriminals. This security system by Microsoft assesses the risks of various vulnerabilities, manages them, reducing the attack surface of vulnerable organizations and enterprises, provides the next generation of cloud-powered protection based on the behavior, endpoint detection, and response. Once there is a breach, it provides automatic investigation, remediation even looks into the hunting services, and provides unified security management to all the organizations that are at risk of becoming targets of cybercrime.

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is especially going to help the organizations where employees are working remotely. We all know that the trend of remote working has seen a major boost this year because of the coronavirus pandemic. But remote working also subjects the employees to various risks because of multiple sign-ins from different IPs. So, to prevent all these risks and other issues related to cybercrime, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is going to be the best security solution. And the good news is that recently Microsoft has announced that the Network Protection feature is now going to come to macOS version 10.15.4 soon, by December 2020.

Microsoft has further explained how this feature will take security to a higher level now for various organizations and the users of different devices. There are different kinds of internet-based events and threats that are always looking for ways to attack vulnerable organizations and enterprises and even individuals. This Network Protection feature in Microsoft Defender for Endpoint security platform will reduce the attack surface of all the devices that the employees of an organization use. This will prevent the employees from using any applications that will grant them access or lead them to fishy domains that may be hosting phishing scams, or some other kind of exploits, or may expose the users to malicious content over the internet.

The organizations can audit the Network Protection feature before enabling it to see which applications will get blocked and the users will not be granted access to them.

The Network Protection feature will also expand the scope of Microsoft Defender SmartScreen. It will block all the outbound traffic for HTTPS that may connect users to sources, domains, or hostnames of sites that have low-reputation or that may be exposing the users to malicious URLs and content.

This Network Protection feature is expected to come to macOS in December 2020, but Microsoft has not announced any release date.

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