TikTok’s efforts in the educational realm seem to have advanced with a new ‘Learn’ option for discoverable how-to-videos and user-generated content

TikTok has a reputation that people believe that it is not good for ‘health,’ yet it is currently topping the charts of the most-used apps in the world! Despite facing so many bans and lawsuits and criticism from all over the globe for having a negative influence on youngsters because of its song/dance/lip-syncing/ acting related non-serious content, it is still surprising to find that it is one of the most sought-after apps.

However, TikTok seems to be more inclined towards trying to change its perception in the minds of people. A few months ago, it launched a campaign on its platform called the ‘#Learn on TikTok’ campaign. It is meant to encourage its users to create educative videos like those related to cooking, pottery, science experiments, etc. By using the hashtag ‘Learn on TikTok,’ these videos would become discoverable and this content would get a chance to be promoted while teaching something good and to let people know that TikTok is not all about messing around.

How-to tutorial videos have a huge fan base as we know from their success on YouTube. And recently, it has been spotted by several social media analysts and commentators that TikTok is working on adding a new ‘Learn’ option at the top left of the home screen, alongside ‘For You,’ and ‘Following’ buttons.

According to TikTok, the new ‘Learn’ option opens a whole collection of discoverable how-to tutorial videos that have been generated by the users. These videos are informative and can be related to anything from making food to creating art, or to learn a new language. It's all about interactive and tutorial-based learning.

Surprisingly, this option vanished after a little while which probably means that it is currently going through a testing phase. But it does give us an idea of how TikTok wants to advance its educational efforts for its users.

Although this ‘Learn’ option is currently unavailable, the hashtag ‘Learn on TikTok’ is still there. In fact, TikTok is partnering with several influential personalities like Bill Nye, Neil deGrasse Tyson, chef José Andrés, Tyra Banks, and Lilly Singh, a couple of publishers like WWD and Self, and some other professional organizations and institutions. The idea is that all these people and partner organizations will help create content for the platform that can help its users learn new things in a fun manner.

The famous scientist Bill Nye is very happy and excited to partner with TikTok and he looks forward to doing some science experiments on the small screens of our mobile phones.

These are some great steps that TikTok is trying to take, and all these efforts must be appreciated.

H/T: Matt. Dan.

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