What can I use Maptive's location finder tool for?

The location finder tool is ideal for businesses as it can be used in retail, real estate, and sales. The primary function of this tool is to map the distances between two or more locations. As a result, it can help retail customers find a store near them. It can show real estate investors their proximity to competitors or current investments, and it can help sales reps plan their sales routes. This article will explore all these different ways to use Maptive.com's location finder tool.

Use the Location Finder Tool for Retail

Websites are one of the best marketing tools for your business. However, if you own brick-and-mortar stores, your website must be able to direct customers to your physical premises. This is where store locator software comes in. Using Maptive's location finder tool, you can easily create a map that displays the store locations that are closest to your customers.

Another functionality of the location finder tool is the product locator. The product locator tool lets you show customers what merchandise is available at specific locations. For instance, if you stock red stockings at one store but not at another, the product locator tool will let your customers know that. This way, no client arrives at a store and leaves disappointed.

Optimize Real Estate Investments with the Location Finder Tool

Real estate is one of the more expensive and risky investments that you can make. Whether you're buying a home, purchasing commercial space, or adding land to your portfolio, location is crucial. The location of a real estate investment involves not only the parcel of land and what's on it but what's around it. For instance, if you're thinking about adding another store, you may want to know how close that store will be to your other locations and your competitors. By uploading information about your current stores and your competitor's stores, you'll be able to create a map that shows you the distances between your prospective location and the other stores.

The product locator feature can also be used for real estate investments. Suppose you're a real estate agent, and you have a list of available houses in certain developments. In that case, you can use the product locator to tell clients which properties are available in which developments.

Plan your Sales Route with the Location Finder Tool

Using your time wisely is crucial in the sales game. If you're going to embark on sales calls, it's essential that you know what to expect distance-wise. This is easily accomplished by using the location tool finder. By uploading your prospective customers' addresses into Maptive, you can see how far each customer is from you and each other. This will give you valuable insight into planning your sales route. For example, suppose a sales rep wanted to know whether it was feasible to visit two customers in different counties. In that case, he could add their addresses, and he would receive the distances between their two locations.

The product locator functionality is also useful for planning your sales route as it will allow you to add customer data to your map. This will give you a quick overview of each of the customers you're planning on visiting.


Maptive's location finder tool has a number of different uses and is particularly useful for businesses. This tool not only establishes the distance between a starting point and various destinations, but the product locator functionality provides valuable information. Overall, the location finder tool is a useful asset for retail, real estate, and sales.

This tool helps retail businesses inform their customers about how to find their physical locations. It also informs customers about the availability of merchandise at specific locations. This tool works for real estate investors looking to gauge the distance between their prospective purchase and other sites. It also provides real estate agents with a way to show what properties are available in certain developments. Finally, this tool can help sales reps plan their sales route by showing them the distance between their prospects and displaying important information about each customer.

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