The new services by Inrupt will ensure users’ privacy over the internet, but free services that we use now may start charging a fee too

As much as we now rely on the internet and various tech companies to go about our daily lives, the problem with users’ data and privacy concerns remain there, no matter how trustworthy service may be. We all are aware of Facebook’s notorious Cambridge Analytica Scandal. Even recently, TikTok, an app that seems so harmless, has faced a lawsuit from the US government based on their allegations that it has been intrusively collecting the data of American users and it may be involved in passing that data on to other governments!

These are just a few examples of how privacy concerns remain an unsolved issue despite so much technological advancement. However, the famous English scientist, Tim Berners- Lee, the founder of WWW has come up with a new set-up called ‘Inrupt’ to address this privacy issue.

The main idea behind Inrupt’s inception is that people get control over the information they provide to different services, apps, etc. that they use online. This information would be collected separately and Inrupt calls these data collections as ‘Pods.’ Now, suppose you are using a fitness app that requires your personal information like age, height, weight, gender, marital status, etc. You give that information to the app using Inrupt’s services. Now, when your doctor wants to access this information, they will have to use Inrupt’s open-source data storage technology which is named ‘Solid.’ So, you will get to control who can access your information and how. Nothing will be ambiguous or ‘behind the curtains.’ Everything will be out and open, and our online experience can become quite transparent.

This whole process sounds a little confusing at the moment, but once Inrupt and its Solid app become famous and everyone starts using them, there will be no confusion anywhere and the system can become really smooth.

Currently, Inrupt has been testing its Solid app and other services with BBC, NatWest Bank, and the National Health Service in the UK. Just a few days ago, the company even established its ‘Enterprise Solid Server,’ which will be the main backbone that will support Inrupt’s services and will be available to interested clients.

As per Tim Berners- Lee, this new foundation will establish the public’s trust and cooperation while remodeling new businesses and be of great value for all the users.

There is no doubt that this is a much-needed service at the moment owing to privacy concerns and whatnot. But there is a downside to it too. If this service becomes successful and companies start using it, the services that we enjoy for free like web-based emails and maybe accessing articles for research over the web may all start charging a fee from us all.

Also, Inrupt and Solid will face a lot of challenges to attract different organizations and companies out there. Only time can tell us what will happen with Inrupt eventually!

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