US Residents Will Pay $32,400 For Internet In Their Entire Lifetime

What if we tell you that the internet is rapidly becoming an expensive necessity that may not have any stopping point? As our smartphones today are almost empty without a good internet connection, we are also bound with a limited number of options to choose from. Depending upon the area we live in, we get packages to choose that not only have other services (which we don’t need) and also includes all kinds of hidden fees that we have to bear.

Looking at the scenario, have you ever wondered how much we have to pay for the internet in our entire lifetime?

Well, a survey has been done on the similar subject by Review and the results show that the average global lifetime cost for the internet is $18,585. However, this is still comparatively small when we consider the amount that a US resident has to pay for a stable internet connection for life which is $32,400. Not to forget that this figure is also $6,266 more than the most expensive country in the world, Japan (which stands at $26,134).

Furthermore, if we look at the list of top 20 countries in terms of internet users then Russia is the most economical of them all where residents will only have to pay a $4,762.80 lifetime bill. On the contrary, France, Italy, Germany, and the UK pay only $15K, $21K, $18K, and $23K, respectively, whereas Iran, Vietnam, and India are other three nations that belong to the low paying category with good stable internet connections. The neighbors of the US, Mexico also pay $21K over the period of a lifetime.

But wait! There is also another surprise in the list as there is one more country that pays more than the US to have access to the internet for a lifetime and that is Nigeria where an average user is bound to pay $50,680. As you can see, this figure is $18k more than that of what residents in the US pay and 10.6 times more than what people in Russia pay to get a lifetime access to the internet.

The stats lead us to one important point of how the necessity is so expensive and it is expected that with 5G coming in, we might just have to pay a bit more. There are other cheaper options available for users in the US or other parts of the world but as those options are more or less governed by the states therefore they come with their own restrictions. With that being said, the future indeed sometimes looks scary!

The Lifetime Cost of Internet around the Globe

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