Google Maps can now also be used to review and book online services

Along with all other tech giants’ measures taken to introduce Covid-19 features; the pandemic has also caused Google Maps to upgrade its features. From providing safe driving-paths to telling the exact number of cases it has also become one of the most used apps.

It was Tuesday when Google announced that it will spotlight COVID-19 cases and the real-time occupancy in the public transport. Indeed, Google Maps will now assist travelers by providing them a list of cases of the searched area. The map will be color-highlighted based on the number of cases per 100,000 people. Moreover, it will also give information about the increasing or decreasing trends of the specific area. This opportunity would be availed by both: Android and iOS users.

Serving 220 countries including small regions, the upgraded version of Google Maps will let the passengers know the capacity of the bus or other means of transport they would use. It would also be effective in letting people practice social distancing while traveling.

Google claims to drive its origins of information through the following assets: The New York Times, Wikipedia, and John Hopkins.

Companies like Apple and Facebook are also collaborating with Google maps to ensure that their users also get benefited from it. Apple and Google are recently working hard along to benefit automaton and iOS users.

Moreover, live delivery orders can also be tracked through Google maps’ updated version. Brazil, India, United States, Germany, Canada, and Australia are all those countries in which this feature is currently working.

Google is also reported to have claimed that it has initiated the Google-assistant driving mode. However, unfortunately, it is lately only restricted to Android users in the U.S. Users of this feature will be able to receive and send not only calls through voice notes but also would be able to send a voice note as a message to friends and family. Additionally, it will allow them to decline or attend the calls.

Interestingly, Google is also enabling Businesses to edit their Profiles with the help of Google search and maps. Business entrepreneurs can now add photos, updated information about its products and services, and much more content to their public profiles.

For its verification- the Business just needs to assure that it has signed in with the Google account. By simply selecting the option of your profile picture on the right side of your app you would be able to edit your profile through the provided tools. This feature is lately only usable in English.

Google maps spending millions to collaborate with other organizations and providing updated info to the viewers is an example in itself of how it is fortunate in gaining many users.

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