Google brings several improvements in the latest version of the Personal Safety app which is exclusive for Pixel phones

Google has announced that it will be discontinuing its Trusted Contacts’ app from 1st December 2020. This app helps a user connect with one of their trusted contacts in emergency situations. However, although the Trusted Contacts app is going away, another app by Google called the ‘Personal Safety’ app is still there for Pixel phone users. This app allows for emergency information sharing with trusted contacts. It includes the sharing of information like a user’s phone call status, their battery status in case if it drops below 15%, and a lot more.

In the previous version of this app, there were not many features, but the recently rolled out version has a lot of improvements. And the new status updates are available for even those people who are still using the old version.

It is not known if it is a server-side switch or just a new update, but whatever it is, it opens a new section of ‘Emergency Sharing’ for the users when they open the App’s settings menu. In this section of ‘Emergency Sharing,’ users can see an option of ‘Status Updates.’ Tapping on this will lead the users to another interface that will show various options that can be enabled or disabled as per the users’ wish.

These options are basically what a user would like to share with their emergency contacts. It can be their phone call status, or an Emergency Call, or their Low battery status which will provide alerts to the emergency contacts if the user’s battery level drops below 15%. The Phone call and Emergency call options are basically going to allow the user to share when they started a call and when they ended it in both normal and emergency situations.

A user’s real-time location sharing is turned on by default as it is one of the most crucial features in terms of emergency sharing. But users can still turn it off if they wish, although it will nullify the whole purpose of the app then.

Other details that can be shared during emergencies include the info related to car crashes or alerts for some local crises near a user. It can also allow medical practitioners with relevant and key medical information in critical situations like road-side accidents or massacres related to earthquakes, etc.

This is an amazing application, but sadly it is available for Pixel phone users only as of now. We do not know if other smartphones will get this feature soon or not. But for Pixel users, they can update to this app’s latest version now to experience the full effect and usefulness of this application.

Screenshots: AP.

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