Cybercriminals are using Google forms to steal the credential: What do you need to know to mitigate it

According to the reports, Cybercriminals are stealing the saved passwords from the Google forms. Researchers have conducted a study to reveal how they are doing this instilling trust while performing crimes. These security researchers have analyzed the whole process and have also informed the techniques you can use to secure yourself and your credentials from these thefts.

They note that people have trust in Google and its domains, allowing them to save the passwords of private data and credentials. This trust is the thing that can benefit the criminals to sabotage and steal what they want.

The researchers of Zimperium have claimed that cybercriminals have used nearly 265 Google forms so far to steal the passwords of your accounts. They put forward this claim based on the report they have published on 3rd November, which is ironic. Users have blind trust in Google Forms as they are convenient enough to fill and handle. Along with this, Google Documents or Google forms are considered secured as are under the domain of Google.

Here come the awareness campaigns that train the users on how to look after the URLs and other details to mark yourself safe from such type of scams. They use a typical google form to provoke users to type in their passwords and details by themselves.

The report also claims that the forms won’t be detected as a fraud if listed under the recognizable Google domain, and it is the only recognizable domain all over so far. So, the detector also will not work for the identification of malware or scam. Even if you pass the form through a test, it will not work, as it will list out all the google domains, and the site that is deceiving in actuality won’t pop up.

The forms that the security researchers have analyzed included some gaps also in this report. These forms have signals that bring insight into these not being legit or authentic. However, these warnings are only recognized by experts and users who are aware of cybercrimes. Yet, the beginners or an average user can’t identify, and these are the ones that get targetted.

On Zimperium’s highlight, Google has also taken notice of scam forms and has taken necessary steps against it. Google has also provided the details to one of the Forbes reporter related to what it offers that can be used to mitigate it.

Google has claimed that the forms include a warning not to type in the passwords or account details through google forms. It gives a clear signal to the users, warning them from submitting the passwords through Google forms ever. This warning can keep you aware of such instances. Vice President at Acuant Malini Gujral also advises matching the source with the brand first to confirm the authenticity.

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