iPhone 11 Turned Out To Be The Best Selling Smartphone of Q3 2020

Ever since the iPhone 12 has launched, Apple has been all about it only. The phone has been getting all sorts of positive reviews from experts and early customers alike. But the success of the new device still seems to be relatively less when compared to what iPhone 11 has done in the past quarter.

According to the data shared by Canalys for the third quarter of 2020, iPhone 11 sales has been huge in markets around the world. The phone has turned out to be the number one in the list of smartphone sales worldwide and as per the data, Apple has sold over 16 million iPhone 11 units in Q3 2020.

Moreover, just when this wasn’t enough alone, Apple’s roaring success continued with iPhone SE 2020 as well because the budgeted option also turned out to be second on the list with 10 million units sold.

The next three positions belonged to Samsung Galaxy A21s, A11, and A51 as third, fourth, and fifth in the charts, respectively. However, surprisingly there is no flagship option from the company that made it to the list. It is a point of concern that Android phone makers have to look up to because high-end models are unable to compete with Apple as of yet.

But with all being said, if we dive further deep into the list then after the first two positions, Samsung still dominates with 5 spots in the top 10 and that goes on to show how the two rivals are head to head with each other in every quarter. Xiaomi MI has also been able to bring three of their models to the list which is a massive achievement for the company in a long while.

Apple’s new aim definitely is to sell more iPhone 12 than 11, if not less. But that seems to be an impossible challenge considering the inventory issues that can affect the demand in the upcoming months. The company has already been late in shipping iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max. So, how they will achieve the goal is something we are interested to look forward to.

Although Apple will no longer reveal the iPhone sales figure but relevant information would come up once the new iPhones reach out to more markets soon.

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